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Treasure Cams is Bella Vendetta’s virtual webcam studio and career-building service. I’ve been working with Bella since 2021 and have found financial and personal success camming with her wise and experienced guidance and meaningful resources and trainings.

If you are a highly motivated and organized creator interested in the world of adult camming and do sign-up to Treasure Cams please let Bella know I pointed you in her direction.

Cam with Treasure Cams


Slushy is a secure mobile web platform for content creators, designed with discoverability and audience insights in mind. As most viewers access our content on their smartphones the platform is designed with this mind.

Unlike many platforms, Slushy prioritizes professional content creators’ monetization, support, and management needs.

Slushy also offers a powerful legal framework, simplified consent, ID verification, and content moderation, making it the new home for unrestricted content as more and more jurisdictions are demanding this of platforms.


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If you have an 18 and over following on social media, make thirst traps, or are a spicy content creator, FansRevenue is a terrific affiliate programme to leverage your traffic and make referral sales from your profiles and link in bio sites.


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Daily Content Inspiration

Get daily content inspiration and captions for your fan site feeds, PPV content, and clip stores. SWCEO’s trending content ideas and call-to-actions can increase your chances of monetization.

SWCEO’s Daily NSFW Content Inspiration Telegram Bot

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