Don’t Get Catfished!

I have several social media accounts, and they are as follows:

Instagram: @therealseska @seskalee @matureisfabulous

TikTok: @therealseska @seskalee @matureisfabulous @rufus.martha

X/Twitter: @therealseska @seska @seskuality

If you come across any others, they are not mine. They are fakes and use stolen content.

If you think you are communicating with me somewhere, it’s best to direct message me at my paysite SESKA.COM or one of the fansites to confirm our exchange.

My DMs are closed on my Twitter, IG and TikTok.

I’m rarely on Facebook, so don’t message me there.

I currently don’t have any active dating profiles. Please don’t be fooled by fakes!

I don’t offer in-person meetings or services. Don’t ask!

I will never ask for a payment outside of my official platforms.

I don’t use CashApp, Venmo or PayPal.