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YNOT Cam Awards 2023
Best Diva Cam Star (Age 40+)


Thursday, June 1st 730AM – 1230PM
Friday, June 2nd 7AM – 12PM
Saturday, June 3rd 7AM – 12PM

Eastern Time Zone

content creator since 1998

My name is Seska aka Seska Lee aka The Real Seska. I’m a content creator, cam model, sex educator, and writer.

I began these endeavors in 1998 when I created a personal adult website. My work includes photoshoots, video shoots, live webcam shows, blogging, intimate journalling, burlesque performance, cabaret show production, comprehensive sex education across the lifespan, and essay writing.

I aim to entertain and inspire as I explore my sensuality, pleasure, and power.

We live in a world that sees feminine aging and personal growth as antithetical to sexiness and passion. I don’t see it this way and hope my work demonstrates that eroticism, lust, and pleasure are available to all adults, including the seasoned woman and her lover(s).


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Important: I have several other social media accounts and they are as follows:

Instagram: @seskalee @matureisfabulous

TikTok: @seskalee @matureisfabulous

Twitter: @seska @seskuality

If you come across any others, they are not mine. They are fakes and use stolen content.

If you think you are communicating with me somewhere, it’s best to direct message me at my paysite SESKA.COM or LOYAL FANS to confirm our exchange.

I’m rarely on Facebook, and I currently don’t have any active dating profiles. Please don’t be fooled by fakes!